c_string_accessor Class Template Reference
[String Library]

#include <dotnetstl/string/string_accessor.hpp>

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Detailed Description

template<typename C>
class stlsoft::dotnetstl_project::c_string_accessor< C >

Template providing scoped C-string access to a String.

Public Types

typedef C char_type
typedef C * pointer
typedef C const * const_pointer
typedef c_string_accessor< C > class_type
typedef System::String const * string_pointer_const_type_
typedef System::String * string_pointer_type_

Public Member Functions

 c_string_accessor (string_pointer_const_type_ s)
 Construct from a System::String.
 ~c_string_accessor () throw ()
 Release resources.
 c_string_accessor (c_string_accessor &rhs)
 operator const_pointer () const
 Implicit conversion operator to a C-string.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

c_string_accessor ( string_pointer_const_type_  s  )  [inline, explicit]

Construct from a System::String.

s The String for which C-string access is to be provided. Must not be NULL

~c_string_accessor (  )  throw () [inline]

Release resources.

Member Function Documentation

operator const_pointer (  )  const [inline]

Implicit conversion operator to a C-string.

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