sysdir_policy Struct Template Reference
[System Library]

#include <winstl/system/system_directory.hpp>

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Detailed Description

template<typename C>
struct winstl::sysdir_policy< C >

Special String Instance policy template for eliciting the Windows System directory.

Public Types

Member Constants
enum  { internalBufferSize = 32 }
enum  { allowImplicitConversion = 1 }
enum  { sharedState = 1 }
Member Types
typedef C char_type
typedef processheap_allocator< C > allocator_type
typedef size_t size_type
typedef size_type(* pfn_type )(char_type *, size_type)
typedef winstl::spin_mutex spin_mutex_type

Static Public Member Functions

static pfn_type get_fn ()

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