moddir_policy Struct Template Reference
[System Library]

#include <winstl/system/module_directory.hpp>

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Detailed Description

template<typename C>
struct winstl::moddir_policy< C >

Represents the directory of a module.


An instance of basic_module_directory encapsulates the directory of a given module. You instantiate it from a given module handle, as follows:

[STLSOFT-DOC:VERBATIM:start;comment:/// ;] HINSTANCE hinst = . . .; basic_module_directory<char>(hinst) mdir(hinst); puts(mdir); [STLSOFT-DOC:VERBATIM:end]

You can also use one of the three given typedefs: module_directory (parameterised on TCHAR), module_directory_a (parameterised on CHAR), module_directory_w (parameterised on WCHAR).


1. It affords a simpler syntax. You can use temporary instances of the class, and use the char_type const* implicit conversion, or the c_str() method inline

[STLSOFT-DOC:VERBATIM:start;comment:/// ;] puts(module_directory_a(hinst)); [STLSOFT-DOC:VERBATIM:end]

You can also use it with the IOStreams:

[STLSOFT-DOC:VERBATIM:start;comment:/// ;] cout << L"The module was loaded from the " << module_directory_w(hinst) << L" directory" << endl; [STLSOFT-DOC:VERBATIM:end]

2. It relieves you from the boilerplate coding of calling GetModuleFileName() and then parsing the returned path to trim off the directory. All that is handled in the class.

C The character type
T The traits type. On translators that support default template arguments, this defaults to filesystem_traits<C>

Public Types

Member Constants
enum  { internalBufferSize = 128 }
enum  { allowImplicitConversion = 1 }
enum  { sharedState = 0 }
Member Types
typedef C char_type
typedef HINSTANCE argument_0_type
typedef processheap_allocator< C > allocator_type
typedef size_t size_type
typedef size_type(* pfn_type )(argument_0_type, char_type *, size_type)

Static Public Member Functions

static pfn_type get_fn ()

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