is_valid_dl_call_arg Struct Template Reference
[DL Library]

#include <winstl/dl/dl_call.hpp>

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Detailed Description

template<typename T>
struct winstl::is_valid_dl_call_arg< T >

Traits class that provides a mechanism for declaring specific (e.g.

aggregate and user-defined) types to be compatible with dl_call().

To specify your type being dl_call()-compatible, simply specialise the traits template as follows (for the notional type MyType):

namespace MyNamespace
  class MyType

} // MyNamespace

namespace winstl
  template <>
  struct is_valid_dl_call_arg<MyNamespace::MyType>
    enum { value = 1 };
} // namespace winstl

Public Types

enum  { value = 0 }

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