get_undoc_clipboard_fmt__ Struct Template Reference
[Utility Library]

#include <winstl/util/undocumented.hpp>

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Detailed Description

template<int N>
struct winstl::get_undoc_clipboard_fmt__< N >


This has to be implemented as a class, because the function version does not correctly work in respect of the static. Specifically, it does not distinguish between different values of the parameterising constant, so that, say, get_undoc_clipboard_fmt__<1>(. . .) will cause fmt to be correctly initialised, but get_undoc_clipboard_fmt__<2>(. . .) will use the same value. This behaviour is demonstrated on VC5 & VC6, but works fine with Intel C++ 6 and 7, and VC7.

Public Member Functions

 get_undoc_clipboard_fmt__ (LPCTSTR lpszFormat)
 operator UINT () const

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