sign_traits Struct Template Reference
[Utility Library]

#include <stlsoft/util/sign_traits.hpp>

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Detailed Description

template<typename T>
struct stlsoft::sign_traits< T >

Traits for determining the signed, unsigned and alternate-signed type.

sign_traits is a traits class for acquiring the corresponding signed, unsigned, and alternate-signed type eg.

  assert(stlsoft::is_same_type<stlsoft::sign_traits<ss_sint16_t>::signed_type, ss_sint16_t>::value);
  assert(stlsoft::is_same_type<stlsoft::sign_traits<ss_sint16_t>::unsigned_type, ss_uint16_t>::value);
  assert(stlsoft::is_same_type<stlsoft::sign_traits<ss_sint16_t>::alt_sign_type, ss_uint16_t>::value);

T The char type

Public Types

enum  { bytes = 0 }
enum  { bits = 0 }
typedef T type
typedef signed T signed_type
 The signed type.
typedef unsigned T unsigned_type
 The unsigned type.
typedef unsigned T alt_sign_type
 The alternate-signed type.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef signed T signed_type

The signed type.

typedef unsigned T unsigned_type

The unsigned type.

typedef unsigned T alt_sign_type

The alternate-signed type.

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

bytes  The type size, in bytes.

anonymous enum

bits  The type size, in bits.

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