allocator_selector Struct Template Reference
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#include <stlsoft/memory/allocator_selector.hpp>

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Detailed Description

template<typename T>
struct stlsoft::allocator_selector< T >

Type generator class template that selects an appropriate allocator specialisation for the given type.

It is used in several components in the STLSoft libraries, performing the function of selecting a specialisation of std::allocator for compilers/libraries where that is defined and compatible, otherwise selecting a specialisation of one of the allocator classes provided by STLSoft.

Although not likely to be necessary, it is available for use in user's class templates, as in:

template< typename T
        , typename A = typename stlsoft::allocator_selector<T>::allocator_type
class my_buffer
public: // Member types
  typedef T   value_type;
  typedef A   allocator_type;

  . . .

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Public Types

typedef _some_allocator_< T > allocator_type
 The actual allocator specialisation.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef _some_allocator_<T> allocator_type

The actual allocator specialisation.

This will be one of: stlsoft::malloc_allocator<T>, stlsoft::new_allocator<T> or stlsoft::std::allocator<T>.

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