throw_bad_interface_cast_exception Struct Reference
[Conversion Library]

#include <comstl/conversion/interface_cast.hpp>

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Detailed Description

A function class that throws the bad_interface_cast exception class.

For use with comstl::interface_cast_noaddref and comstl::interface_cast_addref cast classes.

Public Types

typedef bad_interface_cast thrown_type
 The exception type.

Public Member Functions

void operator() (HRESULT hr, REFIID riid) throw ( bad_interface_cast )
 The function call operator, which throws the exception.

Member Typedef Documentation

The exception type.

Member Function Documentation

void operator() ( HRESULT  hr,
REFIID  riid 
) throw ( bad_interface_cast ) [inline]

The function call operator, which throws the exception.

hr The HRESULT that caused the error
riid The REFIID that could not be acquired

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