cloneable_cloning_policy Struct Template Reference
[Collections Library]

#include <comstl/collections/enumeration_policies.hpp>

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Detailed Description

template<typename I>
struct comstl::cloneable_cloning_policy< I >

Policy type that causes COM enumerator cloning according the STL Input Iterator concept.

I The enumeration interface

Public Types

typedef I interface_type
typedef interface_type * value_type

Public Member Functions

typedef comstl_ns_qual_std (input_iterator_tag) iterator_tag_type

Static Public Member Functions

static interface_type * get_working_instance (interface_type *root)
 Gets a working "copy" of the given enumerator root.
static interface_type * share (interface_type *src)
static bool clone (interface_type *src, interface_type **pdest)

Member Function Documentation

static interface_type* get_working_instance ( interface_type *  root  )  [inline, static]

Gets a working "copy" of the given enumerator root.

For this policy, this calls Clone(), and returns NULL if that fails.


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