IID_traits Struct Template Reference
[COM Utility Library]

#include <comstl/util/interface_traits.hpp>

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Detailed Description

template<class I>
struct comstl::IID_traits< I >

Interface identifier traits.

This traits class takes an interface type and provides a specialisation that has a statid iid() method which returns the interface identifier (IID) for that type.

To use, simply have the expression IID_traits<I>::iid() where I is your interface type.

On compilers that support the __uuidof pseudo-operator this is used, otherwise you must specify specialisations - using the COMSTL_IID_TRAITS_DEFINE macro - for your interfaces, as in


All the interfaces currently defined in unknown.idl and objidl.idl are so defined in the file comstl_interface_traits_std.h, which is included in for non-__uuidof compilations.

I The interface

Static Public Member Functions

static REFIID iid ()
 Returns a reference to the IID for the parameterising interface.

Member Function Documentation

static REFIID iid (  )  [static]

Returns a reference to the IID for the parameterising interface.

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