The STLSoft implementation of RangeLib.

RangeLib defines a range as an iterable collection of elements, one of Notional, Iterable and Indirect categories.

The STLSoft RangeLib sub-project is an implementation of RangeLib, including range collection classes, range adaptors, and range algorithms


The RangeLib namespace rangelib is actually an alias for the namespace stlsoft::rangelib_project, and as such all the RangeLib project components actually reside within the stlsoft namespace. However, there is never any need to use the stlsoft::rangelib_project namespace in your code, and you should always use the alias rangelib.


As with all parts of the STLSoft libraries, there are no dependencies on RangeLib binary components and no need to compile RangeLib implementation files; RangeLib is 100% header-only!

As with most of the STLSoft sub-projects, RangeLib depends only on:

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