Detailed Description

Created: 23rd May 2006 Updated: 14th January 2007.

    Generalised Type Manipulation without Coupling.


 Attribute Shims
 These shims elicit attributes of the types for which they are defined.
 Conversion Shims
 These shims convert instances of the types for which they are defined into a common type.
 Collection Shims
 These shims pertain to collections.
 Pointer Shims
 These shims pertain to pointers and "smart pointers".
 Module Attribute Shims
 These shims access the module handle attribute of types that may represent operating system executable modules.
 Stream Insertion Shims
 These shims make types compatible for stream insertion via the overloaded << operator.
 String Access Shims
 These shims access the length and contents of types that may be represented as character strings.
 Synchronisation Control Shims
 These shims control the behaviour of synchronisation objects.

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