atlstl/automation/enumerators.hpp File Reference

Detailed Description

[C++ only; requires ATL library] Definition of the atlstl::copy_enumerator class template (and its supporting components), which provides a copying alternative to the stock CComEnum ATL component that may be initialised from any range and whose contents may be modified subsequent to initialisation (COM Automation Library).

#include <atlstl/atlstl.hpp>
#include <stlsoft/smartptr/ref_ptr.hpp>
#include <stlsoft/functional/indirect_function_pointer_adaptors.hpp>
#include <atlcom.h>
#include <algorithm>
#include <list>

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namespace  atlstl


struct  copy_policy
 A policy that indicates that values should be copied between internal and external representations in the enumerator. More...
class  copy_enumerator
 Modifiable, copying enumerator class template. More...

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