copy_enumerator Class Template Reference
[COM Automation Library]

#include <atlstl/automation/enumerators.hpp>

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Detailed Description

template<typename I, IID const * piid, typename V, typename IV = V, typename I2ETx = copy_policy<IV, V>, typename TM = CComObjectThreadModel>
class atlstl::copy_enumerator< I, piid, V, IV, I2ETx, TM >

Modifiable, copying enumerator class template.

copy_enumerator_impl is the analogue to CComEnumImpl, but the advantages over the ATL class is that it can be added to/removed from after initialisation, and it can be initialised/appended from a sequence (as defined by the start and end iterators), rather than assuming an array as source.

copy_enumerator is the analogue to CComEnum, but uses the atlstl::copy_enumerator_impl as its 'implementation' class template.

I The interface, e.g. IEnumString
piid The address of the interface, e.g. &IID_IEnumString
V The value type of the enumeration, e.g. LPOLESTR
It The iterator class, e.g. LPOLESTR*
Copy A class that implements copy behaviour (see CComEnumImpl)
ThreadModel The threading model of the instances (see CComObjectRoot)
The copy_enumerator_impl class only supports copy semantics on the Init and Add methods, i.e. it always creates its enumeration contents by taking a copy of the contents of its source.

Public Types

typedef copy_enumerator< I,
piid, V, IV, I2ETx, TM > 

Protected Member Functions

virtual impl_type_ * CreateEmptyClone () const

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