multibyte2wide Class Template Reference
[Conversion Library]

#include <winstl/conversion/char_conversions.hpp>

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Detailed Description

template<size_t CCH>
class winstl::multibyte2wide< CCH >

Converts a multibyte (char-based) string to a wide (whar_t-based) string.

Member Types

typedef wchar_t char_type
 The character type.
typedef char alt_char_type
 The alternate character type.
 The size type.
typedef parent_class_type::pointer pointer
 The pointer type.

Public Member Functions

template<typename S>
 multibyte2wide (S const &s)
template<typename S>
 multibyte2wide (S const &s, size_type cch)

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef wchar_t char_type

The character type.

typedef char alt_char_type

The alternate character type.

typedef parent_class_type::size_type size_type

The size type.

typedef parent_class_type::pointer pointer

The pointer type.

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