VsStringTable Class Reference
[System Library]

#include <winstl/system/version_info.hpp>

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stl_collection_tag collection_tag

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Detailed Description

Represents a string table.

Public Types

typedef VsStringTable class_type
 This type.
typedef VsString value_type
 The value type.

Public Member Functions

 VsStringTable (StringTable_hdr const *p)
wchar_t const * Key () const
 The key.
const_iterator begin () const
const_iterator end () const


class  const_iterator
 The non-mutating (const) iterator. More...

Member Typedef Documentation

This type.

The value type.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VsStringTable ( StringTable_hdr const *  p  ) 


Member Function Documentation

wchar_t const* Key (  )  const

The key.

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