unsorted_map Class Template Reference
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#include <stlsoft/containers/unsorted_map.hpp>

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Detailed Description

template<typename K, typename T, typename P = std:: less <K>, typename A = typename allocator_selector<T>::allocator_type>
class stlsoft::unsorted_map< K, T, P, A >

An associative container that maintains the order of element insertion.

K The container key type
T The container mapped type
P The comparison predicate type
A The allocator type

Public Types

typedef K key_type
 The key type.
typedef T mapped_type
 The mapped type.
typedef P key_compare
 The predicate type.
typedef std::pair< const K, T > value_type
 The value type.
typedef A allocator_type
 The allocator type.
typedef unsorted_map< K, T, P, A > class_type
 This type.
typedef container_type_::size_type size_type
typedef bool bool_type
typedef value_typepointer
typedef value_type const * const_pointer
typedef value_typereference
typedef value_type const & const_reference
typedef iterator_gen_::type iterator
typedef const_iterator_gen_::type const_iterator

Public Member Functions

size_type size () const
 The number of elements in the map.
bool_type empty () const
 Indicates whether the map is empty.
reference operator[] (size_type index)
const_reference operator[] (size_type index) const
reference front ()
reference back ()
const_reference front () const
const_reference back () const
iterator begin ()
iterator end ()
const_iterator begin () const
const_iterator end () const
size_type erase (key_type const &key)
void push_back (value_type const &value)
void push_back (key_type const &key, mapped_type const &value)

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef K key_type

The key type.

typedef T mapped_type

The mapped type.

typedef P key_compare

The predicate type.

typedef std:: pair<const K, T> value_type

The value type.

typedef A allocator_type

The allocator type.

typedef unsorted_map<K, T, P, A> class_type

This type.

Member Function Documentation

size_type size (  )  const [inline]

The number of elements in the map.

bool_type empty (  )  const [inline]

Indicates whether the map is empty.

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