method_property_get_external Class Template Reference
[Properties Library]

#include <stlsoft/properties/method_properties.hpp>

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external_property< 1, 0, 0 >

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Detailed Description

template<typename R, typename C, ss_ptrdiff_t(*)() PFnOff, R(C::*)() const PFnGet>
class stlsoft::method_property_get_external< R, C, PFnOff, PFnGet >

This class provides indirect method-based read-only property access.

The containing class defines a get method. It also defines a static method that contains the offset of the given property from within the container. Then the template is parameterised with the the reference type, the container type, the member function and the offset function.

Public Types

Member Types
typedef R reference_type
typedef C container_type
< R, C, PFnOff, PFnGet > 

Public Member Functions

 operator reference_type () const
 Provides read-only access to the property.

Member Function Documentation

operator reference_type (  )  const [inline]

Provides read-only access to the property.

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