field_property_set Class Template Reference
[Properties Library]

#include <stlsoft/properties/field_properties.hpp>

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Detailed Description

template<typename V, typename R, typename C>
class stlsoft::field_property_set< V, R, C >

Class template used to define a write-only internal field property.

class ClassWithWriteOnlyProp
  stlsoft::field_property_set<int, int, ClassWithWriteOnlyProp>  prop2;

ClassWithWriteOnlyProp  c;
int                     i;

c.prop2 = i;  // Ok: Write to the write-only property

i = c.prop2;  // Compile error: Cannot access the value of the write-only property

Public Types

typedef V value_type
typedef R reference_type
typedef C container_type
typedef field_property_set< V,
R, C > 

Public Member Functions

class_typeoperator= (reference_type value)
 Provides write-only access to the property.

Member Function Documentation

class_type& operator= ( reference_type  value  )  [inline]

Provides write-only access to the property.

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