cstring_concatenator_iterator Class Template Reference
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#include <stlsoft/iterators/cstring_concatenator_iterator.hpp>

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iterator_base< std::output_iterator_tag, void, void, void, void >

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Detailed Description

template<typename C>
class stlsoft::cstring_concatenator_iterator< C >

This output iterator adaptor template wraps a C-style string pointer as an output iterator, to enable a C-style string to be built up as a result of the application of an algorithm.

C The character type of the C-string

Member Types

typedef C char_type
typedef size_t size_type
< C > 

Public Member Functions

 cstring_concatenator_iterator (char_type *dest, size_type *pNumWritten=NULL)
 Creates an instance of the cstring_concatenator_iterator from the given c-string pointer.
class_typeoperator++ ()
 Pre-increment operator.
class_typeoperator++ (int)
 Post-increment operator.
deref_proxy operator* ()
 Dereference operator.


class  deref_proxy

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cstring_concatenator_iterator ( char_type *  dest,
size_type pNumWritten = NULL 
) [inline, explicit]

Creates an instance of the cstring_concatenator_iterator from the given c-string pointer.

dest The C-string which in which will be written the results of the application of the iterator's dereference. May not be NULL
pNumWritten An optional paramter to receive a count of how many bytes were written by the iterator. Note: the variable pointed to by this parameter is not set to 0 by the concatenator class. It must be initialised by the caller.
pNumWritten Pointer to an unsigned integer that receives the number of characters written by the iterator, or NULL if not required


Member Function Documentation

class_type& operator++ (  )  [inline]

Pre-increment operator.

class_type& operator++ ( int   )  [inline]

Post-increment operator.

deref_proxy operator* (  )  [inline]

Dereference operator.

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