associative_select_iterator Class Template Reference
[Iterators Library]

#include <stlsoft/iterators/associative_select_iterator.hpp>

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Detailed Description

template<typename I, typename F>
class stlsoft::associative_select_iterator< I, F >

An iterator adaptor that uses a select functor on its base iterator in order to obtain the value_type.

Public Types

typedef I adapted_iterator_type
typedef F selecting_function_type
typedef I::iterator_category iterator_category
typedef F::value_type value_type
typedef I::distance_type distance_type
associative_select_iterator< I,
F > 
typedef value_type & reference
typedef value_type const & const_reference
typedef value_type * pointer
typedef value_type const * const_pointer

Public Member Functions

 associative_select_iterator (adapted_iterator_type i, selecting_function_type f=selecting_function_type())
bool equal (class_type const &rhs) const
class_typeoperator++ ()
class_type operator++ (int)
reference operator* ()

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