const_CString_iadaptor Class Reference
[Collections Library]

#include <mfcstl/collections/cstring_adaptors.hpp>

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CString_adaptor_base stl_collection_tag collection_tag

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Detailed Description

Non-mutable Adaptor class, representing an Instance Adaptor over the MFC CString type.

It can be used via the std::basic_string-like interface

Member Types

typedef CString_iadaptor class_type
 The class type.

Public Member Functions

 const_CString_iadaptor (CString const &str)
 const_CString_iadaptor (CString const *str)
Element Access
const_reference operator[] (size_type index) const
 Returns a non-mutable (const) reference to the element at index.

Member Typedef Documentation

The class type.

Reimplemented from CString_adaptor_base.

Member Function Documentation

const_reference operator[] ( size_type  index  )  const

Returns a non-mutable (const) reference to the element at index.

The behaviour is undefined if index >= size()

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