variant_type_exception Class Reference
[Error Library]

#include <comstl/error/exceptions.hpp>

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com_exception project_exception

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Detailed Description

Indicates variant type mismatches.

This is thrown by comstl::safearray_sequence on variant type mismatches.

Public Types

typedef com_exception parent_class_type
 The parent type.
typedef variant_type_exception class_type
 The type of the current instantiation.

Public Member Functions

 variant_type_exception (HRESULT hr)
 variant_type_exception (char const *reason, HRESULT hr)
virtual ~variant_type_exception () throw ()

Member Typedef Documentation

The parent type.

Reimplemented from com_exception.

The type of the current instantiation.

Reimplemented from com_exception.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual ~variant_type_exception (  )  throw () [inline, virtual]


This does not do have any implementation, but is required to placate the Comeau and GCC compilers, which otherwise complain about mismatched exception specifications between this class and its parent

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