generic_automation_collection Class Template Reference

#include <atlstl/automation/automation_collections.hpp>

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Detailed Description

template<typename E, typename ThreadModel = CComObjectThreadModel, typename I = IDispatch, int DispidCount = 20001>
class atlstl::generic_automation_collection< E, ThreadModel, I, DispidCount >

Class for defining COM Automation collections.

Public Types

typedef E enumerator_type
< E, ThreadModel, I,
DispidCount > 

Public Member Functions

void SetEnumerator (enumerator_type *enumerator, bool bAddRef)
void SetCount (size_t count)
HRESULT SupportsCount () const
template<typename ITER, typename ITF, typename N>
HRESULT Init (ITER begin, ITER end, ITF *owner, N flags)
template<typename ITER, typename ITF>
HRESULT Init (ITER begin, ITER end, ITF *owner)
HRESULT get__NewEnum (LPUNKNOWN *punk)
HRESULT get_Count (long *pVal)

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