winstl/registry/functions.hpp File Reference

Detailed Description

[C++ only] Simple and discrete registry functions, used by the Windows Registry Library.

#include <winstl/winstl.h>
#include <winstl/registry/util/defs.hpp>
#include <winstl/registry/reg_traits.hpp>

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namespace  winstl


template<typename C>
LONG reg_get_string_value (HKEY hkey, C const *name, C *buffer, size_t &cchBuffer)
 Gets the contents of a registry key's string value into a caller-supplied buffer.
template<typename C>
LONG reg_get_dword_value (HKEY hkey, C const *name, DWORD &value)
 Gets the contents of a registry key's DWORD value into a caller-supplied variable.

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