winstl/process/functions.h File Reference

Detailed Description

[C, C++] Process control functions (System Library).

#include <winstl/winstl.h>
#include <string.h>

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namespace  winstl


STLSOFT_INLINE BOOL winstl__CreateProcessFEA (char const *cmdLine, DWORD flags, void const *envBlock)
STLSOFT_INLINE BOOL winstl__CreateProcessEA (char const *cmdLine, void const *envBlock)
STLSOFT_INLINE BOOL winstl__CreateProcess0A (char const *cmdLine)
BOOL CreateProcess (char const *cmdLine, DWORD flags, void const *envBlock)
BOOL CreateProcess (char const *cmdLine, void const *envBlock)
BOOL CreateProcess (char const *cmdLine)

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