string_traits< basic_string_view< C, T, A > > Struct Template Reference

#include <stlsoft/string/string_view.hpp>

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Detailed Description

template<typename C, typename T, typename A>
struct stlsoft::string_traits< basic_string_view< C, T, A > >

Specialisation for stlsoft::basic_string_view<>.

Public Types

enum  {
  is_pointer = false,
  is_pointer_to_const = false,
  char_type_size = sizeof(char_type)
typedef basic_string_view< C,
T, A > 
typedef string_type_::value_type char_type
typedef string_type_::size_type size_type
typedef char_type const const_char_type
typedef string_type_ string_type
typedef string_type_ value_type
typedef string_type::const_pointer const_pointer
typedef string_type::const_iterator const_iterator

Static Public Member Functions

static string_type empty_string ()
static string_type construct (string_type const &src, size_type pos, size_type len)
template<typename I>
static string_typeassign_inplace (string_type &str, I first, I last)

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