ISpVoice_ Struct Reference

#include <comstl/speech/sapi_util.hpp>

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ISpEventSource_ ISpNotifySource_

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Detailed Description

Interface that emulates the vtable of ISpVoice.

Public Member Functions

virtual void ISpVoice_1 ()=0
virtual void ISpVoice_2 ()=0
virtual void ISpVoice_3 ()=0
virtual void ISpVoice_4 ()=0
virtual void ISpVoice_5 ()=0
virtual void ISpVoice_6 ()=0
virtual void ISpVoice_7 ()=0
virtual HRESULT STDMETHODCALLTYPE Speak (const WCHAR *pwcs, DWORD dwFlags, ULONG *pulStreamNumber)=0
virtual void ISpVoice_9 ()=0
virtual void ISpVoice_10 ()=0
virtual void ISpVoice_11 ()=0
virtual void ISpVoice_12 ()=0
virtual void ISpVoice_13 ()=0
virtual void ISpVoice_14 ()=0
virtual void ISpVoice_15 ()=0
virtual void ISpVoice_16 ()=0
virtual void ISpVoice_17 ()=0
virtual void ISpVoice_18 ()=0
virtual void ISpVoice_19 ()=0
virtual HRESULT STDMETHODCALLTYPE WaitUntilDone (ULONG msTimeout)=0
virtual void ISpVoice_21 ()=0
virtual void ISpVoice_22 ()=0
virtual HANDLE STDMETHODCALLTYPE SpeakCompleteEvent (void)=0
virtual void ISpVoice_24 ()=0
virtual void ISpVoice_25 ()=0

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