Detailed Description

    The Standard Template Library meets the Component Object Model (COM).


The philosophy of COMSTL ( is essentially the same as that of the STLSoft ( organisation: providing robust and lightweight software to the Component Object Model (COM) development community. COMSTL provides template-based software that builds on that provided by COM and STLSoft in order to reduce programmer effort and increase robustness in the use of the COM.

All components in the COMSTL project reside in the comstl namespace

As with all parts of the STLSoft libraries, there are no dependencies on COMSTL binary components and no need to compile COMSTL implementation files; COMSTL is 100% header-only!

The only other dependencies are on the COM headers and binary components.

In addition, some parts of the libraries exhibit different behaviour when translated in different contexts, such as with _WIN32_DCOM defined, or with iaccess.h include. In all cases the libraries function correctly in whatever context they are compiled.


 COM Utility Library
 This library defines classes and functions for COM that are used by other libraries and/or have no other obvious grouping.
 Language Agnostic Macros
 These macros are used enable writing COM client code that works regardless of whether it is compiled in C or C++.
 Assert Macros
 These assert macros are used to enforcement contracts and intermediate assumptions about program state.
 Code Modification Macros
 These macros are used to.

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