winstl/filesystem/file_functions.hpp File Reference

Detailed Description

[C++ only] Helper functions for (text) file handling (File System Library).

#include <winstl/winstl.h>
#include <winstl/filesystem/filesystem_traits.hpp>
#include <winstl/error/exceptions.hpp>
#include <winstl/memory/processheap_allocator.hpp>
#include <stlsoft/memory/auto_buffer.hpp>
#include <stlsoft/shims/access/string.hpp>
#include <stlsoft/smartptr/scoped_handle.hpp>
#include <stlsoft/string/string_traits.hpp>
#include <stlsoft/string/tokeniser_functions.hpp>

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namespace  winstl


template<typename S1, typename S2>
ws_uint64_t load_text_file (S1 const &fileName, S2 &contents)
 Loads a text file into a string.
template<typename CH, typename C>
void readlines_impl (CH const *p, size_t len, C &container)
template<typename S, typename C>
C & readlines (S const &fileName, C &container)
 Reads the lines of a text-file into a sequence container.

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