variant Member List

This is the complete list of members for variant, including all inherited members.

bool_type typedef (defined in variant)variant
class_type typedefvariant
convert(VARTYPE vt) (defined in variant)variant
equal(class_type const &rhs) const variant
equal(VARIANT const &rhs) const (defined in variant)variant
operator=(class_type const &rhs)variant
QueryInterface(REFIID riid, void **ppv) const variant
QueryInterfaceValue(I **ppi)variant [inline]
size_type typedef (defined in variant)variant
swap(class_type &rhs)variant
try_conversion_copy(VARIANT const &var, VARTYPE vt)variant
try_convert(VARTYPE vt) (defined in variant)variant
variant(VARIANT const &rhs)variant
variant(class_type const &rhs)variant
variant(bool b)variant
variant(stlsoft::sint8_t i)variant
variant(stlsoft::uint8_t i)variant
variant(stlsoft::sint16_t i)variant
variant(stlsoft::uint16_t i)variant
variant(stlsoft::sint32_t i)variant
variant(stlsoft::uint32_t i)variant
variant(float r)variant
variant(double r)variant
variant(CY cy)variant
variant(DECIMAL const &dec)variant
variant(LPUNKNOWN punk, bool_type bAddRef) (defined in variant)variant
variant(LPDISPATCH pdisp, bool_type bAddRef) (defined in variant)variant
variant(char const *s, int len=-1) (defined in variant)variant
variant(wchar_t const *s, int len=-1) (defined in variant)variant
variant(VARIANT const &var, VARTYPE vt) (defined in variant)variant
~variant()variant [inline]

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