stlsoft/algorithms/std/alt.hpp File Reference

Detailed Description

[C++ only] Contains various standard functions, or their equivalents (Algorithms Library).

#include <stlsoft/stlsoft.h>
#include <algorithm>
#include <stlsoft/internal/safestr.h>

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namespace  stlsoft


template<typename I>
void std_advance (I &i, ss_ptrdiff_t n)
 Equivalent to std::advance().
template<typename I, typename O>
std_copy (I first, I last, O dest)
 Equivalent to std::copy().
template<typename I, typename UP>
size_t std_count_if (I first, I last, UP pred)
 Equivalent to std::count_if().
template<typename O, typename V>
void std_fill (O first, O last, V const &value)
 Equivalent to std::fill().
template<typename O, typename V>
void std_fill_n (O dest, size_t n, V const &value)
 Equivalent to std::fill_n().
template<typename I, typename V>
std_find (I first, I last, V const &value)
 Equivalent to std::find().
template<typename I, typename UP>
std_find_if (I first, I last, UP pred)
 Equivalent to std::find_if().
template<typename I, typename UF>
UF std_for_each (I first, I last, UF func)
 Equivalent to std::for_each().
template<typename I, typename T>
void std_replace (I first, I last, T const &valFind, T const &valReplace)
 Equivalent to std::replace().
template<typename RI>
void sort (RI first, RI last)
 Equivalent to std::sort().
template<typename RI, typename BP>
void std_sort (RI first, RI last, BP pred)
 Equivalent to std::sort().
template<typename I, typename O, typename UF>
std_transform (I first, I last, O dest, UF func)
 Equivalent to std::transform().
template<typename FI, typename BP>
FI std_unique (FI first, FI last, BP pred)
 Equivalent to std::unique().
template<typename FI>
FI std_unique (FI first, FI last)
 Equivalent to std::unique().
template<typename FI, typename OI>
OI std_unique_copy (FI first, FI last, OI dest)
 Equivalent to std::unique_copy().
template<typename FI, typename OI, typename BP>
OI std_unique_copy (FI first, FI last, OI dest, BP pred)
 Equivalent to std::unique_copy().

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